Flushing, NY – Guan Fu Szechuan, a full-service Asian and mixed fusion restaurant that prides itself on creating traditional, delicious, and authentic Asian dishes today, continues to receive recognition for their totally unique and delicious Szechuan hot sauce. Recently popular among consumers today, Szechuan hot sauce is a sought after commodity for a variety of entrees.

toyo Borne from a passion for serving the local Flushing community with high quality Asian dishes, appetizers, desserts, soups, and more, Guan Fu Szechuan takes pride in creating all of their sauces from scratch, giving their food a totally memorable and unique taste.

“What makes Szechuan spicy food so great is the uniqueness of the spices that each restaurant uses to achieve their own taste,” said Long Fei, Founder and Owner of Guan Fu Szechuan. “Our Szechuan sauce is unlike any other sauce that can be located or bought today, and we take honor in that.”

Like curry, Szechuan sauce is made using original spices that are not normally replicated in other recipes. What makes a Szechuan sauce stand out is its ability to instill hotness in flavor while also embodying a distinctiveness that complements each food dish. Guan Fu Szechuan takes their Szechuan sauce seriously, which means their recipe has come to be regarded as one of the best and totally original options available today.

“Szechuan sauce adds a dimension to eating that is unobtainable anywhere else today,” said Long fei. “It’s a must-try for everyone eating at our establishment. Spread the word on the availability of our totally original hot sauce, and head on over to our website to learn more about our menu options.”

We Cook It When You Order It, Not Pre Made
June 1, 2018

Chinese dishes are very popular all over the world due to their signature tastes, exquisiteness and a cultural and traditional value they have to them. And, when it comes to spicy foods, we can’t have a better alternative to Szechuan spicy Chinese specialties. The popularity of the Szechuan cuisine is such that people love it all over the world and Flushing, NY is no different. So, if you’re in search of the most authentic Szechuan tastes in Flushing, Guanfu Szechuan is probably your best Chinese restaurant in Flushing. In fact, there are some obvious reasons for Guanfu being the go-to choice for Szechuan cuisine in Flushing and you must read on to find out why.

1. We Always Serve Fresh

Yes, that’s what sets Guanfu apart from the rest in entire Flushing area. We believe, tastes are not just about finding the perfect mix of ingredients and having an expert to cook it. Nothing tastes better than anything that is served fresh and we stick to this ideology when we serve our guests at the Guanfu Chinese restaurant. We cook everything fresh and only for you when you order it. We don’t sell anything pre-made as we believe the signature Szechuan cuisine tastes perfect only when it is served fresh. The spices, the aroma and the taste for which your ordered dish is known can all be kept intact only when the food is served fresh. That’s probably the reason why we receive most positive reviews from our valued customers.

2. We Use The High Quality Ingredients

Yes, besides serving fresh food, we use the most high-quality ingredients and our spices are brought all the way from Sichuan where the cuisine actually started. This helps us to ensure that we never compromise on our tastes and are able to serve the most authentic Szechuan dishes that have been known since ancient times. Here again we buy fresh ingredients every day; especially, the fish is bought every morning and then killed and cleaned to serve you fresh. We do all the hassle as we care for you and just don’t want to compromise our reputation as the best Chinese restaurant in Flushing.

3. We Serve Authentic Tastes

Our Szechuan specialties are served with the most authentic tastes in town. In fact, that’s why our customers keep coming back. We serve true Szechuan cuisine that is known for being spicy and flavorful. Most of our dishes use generous amounts of spices like pepper, peppercorn and garlic each of which has a part to play in achieving the authentic Szechuan taste. Besides, to achieve the perfect tastes, we use all popular methods for cooking your food including stir-frying, water soaking, sautéing and dry-braising.

So, if you are interested in savoring the freshly cooked spicy Szechuan cuisine, your best Chinese restaurant in Flushing is Guanfu Szechuan and you can trust us with the authentic taste and the quality of food. It’s our authentic taste and the freshly served food that will help us develop a bond with you and you’ll surely love to come back again.

Want To Order Some Spicy Chinese In Flushing? Try Szechuan Cuisine
June 9, 2018

Chinese food has been known for ages to offer the most delicious tastes and is loved by people in all parts of the world. The range of Chinese dishes is so diverse that there is something for everyone to enjoy. And, if you are among those who have a natural love for spices, Chinese cuisine doesn’t disappoint you as there is a dedicated cuisine type from China’s Southwestern province Sichuan that can satisfy your taste buds. Yes, it’s the Szechuan cuisine and if you’re looking to order some spicy Chinese in Flushing, the Szechuan Cuisine is exactly what you should order. Let’s get into some details and discover what Szechuan is all about.

Spicy Chinese In Flushing – The Szechuan Cuisine

As mentioned earlier, Szechuan cuisine is a world famous Chinese cuisine that finds its roots in the Southwestern province of Sichuan in China.

The Szechuan cuisine, also called as Szcehwan cuisine or Sichuan cuisine, is usually a spicy cuisine type which is known popularly for being quite flavorful. Most of the Szechuan dishes make use of generous amounts of peppers, garlic and peppercorn where the pepper ingredient adds spicy flavor to these dishes and the peppercorn is responsible for bringing out that numbing flavor and you will surely enjoy the combo.

The Sichuan province is known for its poor weather conditions with high levels of humidity and rain coming over every now and then. That’s probably the reason why most of the dishes use red pepper. The ingredient is known for reducing the internal dampness and that helped lots of hot dishes to make their way into the Szechuan cuisine. Due to the humid climate of the area, people are also driven to implement different techniques of food preservation including salting, drying, smoking and pickling food.

Considering Szechuan probably the best spicy Chinese in Flushing, the pungency of the cuisine isn’t the only unique quality of the food. The Szechuan cuisine is known very well for the fish dishes that are part of the mix and it even offers more beef specialties than any other Chinese cuisine type. And, the most probable reason behind that is abundant presence of oxen in Sichuan region.

How Szechuan Dishes Are Cooked?

There are a lot of different methods being used for cooking the most authentic Szechuan cuisine. The most popular among them include stir-frying with no steaming, sautéing, water soaking (Pao), dry-braising, or frying and braising with the corn flour sauce (Hui).

Some popular Szechuan dishes include Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Tofu, Twice-cooked Pork, Hot & Sour Soup and Crispy Szechuan Beef. In fact, there are many more as well but including all of them here would make the list too long.

Where To Enjoy Szechuan Cuisine In Flushing?

Well, if you are after the most authentic tastes in town, you can find the best variety of spicy Chinese in Flushing at the Guanfu Szechuan restaurant. Located at 3916 Prince Street G 01, Flushing, the restaurant is known to offer the most delicious Szechuan cuisine in town.

Szechuan Food Is Not Always Spicy And The Culture Of Szechuan
June 18, 2018

Sichuan cuisine or Szechuan cuisine has been a popular Chinese cuisine that originates from Sichuan, a province in the Southwestern China. The cuisine is known for its bold flavors and, especially, the spiciness and pungency it has in it due to generous use of chili peppers and garlic. In addition, the unique flavor added to it by Sichuan pepper is just amazing. However, this is not the only taste you can get to enjoy with the popular Sichuan cuisine as there are several local variations found within the Sichuan province. It doesn’t always have to be spicy and you can easily find a high-end elegant Chinese restaurant that serves the most gentle tastes as well with not much of a spicy touch given to the food. Guanfu Szechuan restaurant in Flushing, Queens, NY is a perfect example as it serves both the spicy and gentle flavors with the most authentic and signature Szechuan tastes.

The Compound Flavors Of Szechuan Cuisine

Well, as mentioned above, all the flavor profiles of the Sichuan region aren’t spicy. The Sichuan chefs are popularly known to combine a certain set of special ingredients to cook around 24 compound flavors that are called as fu he wei. Among these 24 different flavors, only 7 have that signature spicy favor that is commonly linked with the Szechuan cuisine while the rest aren’t as spicy. For instance, the lesser known, yet equally iconic, jiaoyanweixing is just a simple combination of salt and roasted ground Sichuan pepper. This salt and Sichuan pepper flavor is applied intensively on everything that is classified under the popular Szechuan cuisine. The ‘Lychee flavor’, on the other hand, doesn’t feature any lychees but it combines sweet & sour notes imitating the fruit. It’s applied to savory canvas such as fried pork over rice.

The 24 different flavors are unified, however, with that complex xian quality and strongly pungent flavor which doesn’t overshadow those naturally tasting raw ingredients. Rather it draws out their essence quite delicately.

The Dishes You Must Savor

There are many low spice dishes that you’d love to savor at a high-end elegant Chinese Restaurant like Guanfu Szechuan. These include Guanfu style fried cabbage, fried corn covered by salted egg, simple fried cabbage, tomato eggs soup, Dan Dan Noodle, and many others along the list. All these dishes tend to have very low spice content and can be a delightful treat for anyone who is not so crazy about spicy food and still wants to relish the Szechuan Cuisine.

A Word About Guanfu Szechuan Restaurant

If you are looking to savor the traditional Szechuan cuisine in Flushing, you can’t find a perfect high-end elegant Chinese restaurant better than Guanfu Szechuan in the entire area. The ambiance is quite traditional and the dishes served are simply impeccable. And, here you can order both spicy and low spice Szechuan alternatives. The food tastes awesome and is freshly cooked with high quality ingredients to make sure you get the best Szechuan food in town and keep coming back.

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